A Solemn Moment for Stockton Kings' Slawson After G League Finals Loss

Stockton Kings' Valiant Run Ends In NBA G League Conference Finals

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In a heart-stopping conclusion to a season filled with highs and lows, the Stockton Kings' journey came to an end in the NBA G League conference finals on Sunday night, against a formidable Oklahoma City team. Despite a strong start that saw the Kings leading by eleven points after the first quarter, the tide turned dramatically in the second quarter with Stockton being outscored 42-18, leading to a final score of 114-107 in favor of Oklahoma City.

The loss was a poignant reminder of the challenges that come with pursuing a championship title. Jalen Slawson, who put up an impressive 26 points in the defeat, reflected on the experience, saying, "How hard it is to win a championship. You kind of forget how hard it is to win a championship until you are in the moment and lose one.” He continued, expressing a resolve to use the loss as fuel for the future: “So, you know, we will carry this hunger, this passion, this pain into this offseason. Stockton will be back in the Western Conference Finals.”

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Adding an interesting narrative to the game was Jahmi’us Ramsey, a former Stockton King, who led all scorers with 29 points for Oklahoma City. His performance against his old team highlighted the tight-knit nature of basketball communities and the personal growth players experience across their careers. Stockton head coach Lindsey Harding shared a bit of the behind-the-scenes dynamics, revealing, “When I was with the Sacramento Kings, he was my player development player. So the coaching staff was joking with me a little bit saying, ‘you got him too good.’”

Screenshot 2024-04-09 at 4.25.25 PMOklahoma City now advances to the NBA G League Finals to face Maine in a best-of-three series starting Tuesday. As for the Stockton Kings, this season's end marks not just a conclusion but the beginning of a journey towards redemption. With the lessons learned, the pain felt, and the hunger sharpened, the team looks ahead to the future with determination to return stronger, aiming once more for the pinnacle of G League success.

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