Stockton Gas Station Owner Lowers Prices For Thanksgiving

Yellow Line

STOCKTON, CA — In an extraordinary act of gratitude this Thanksgiving, Ernie Giannechini, owner of Ernie's General Store and Deli on Waterloo Road in Stockton, has significantly lowered gas prices for his customers. The price drop to $3.99 per gallon, a reduction of 70 cents, was implemented on Wednesday morning, just in time for the holiday season.

Giannechini's decision to reduce gas prices is a response to the financial pressures faced by many during the holidays. "Treat your customers right and they come back," said Giannechini, emphasizing his commitment to his community.

Customers like Jose Campos and Kevin Reid expressed their appreciation for the savings, noting how it helps with other expenses like utility bills, food, and gifts. This reduction is particularly notable given that gas prices had soared to a high of $7 a gallon earlier this year.

While Giannechini's competitors across the street are still selling gas for over $5 a gallon, he hopes his gesture will inspire them to lower their prices as well. "They haven't realized yet, but I think they'll be, maybe not certainly at $3.99 but they'll be in the fours instead of $5," Giannechini optimistically stated.

In a heartfelt message to the community, Giannechini wished everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving. He also announced that his reduced prices would remain in effect throughout the holiday weekend and expressed hope to maintain them through December.

Giannechini's gesture not only provides financial relief to many but also sets an example of generosity and community spirit in Stockton.

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