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Stockton Unified School Board Meeting Addresses Board Presidency

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The Stockton Unified School District board meeting on Tuesday night focused on the role of board president.

Trustees Cecilia Mendez and Alicia Rico, who have a long-standing contentious relationship with President AngelAnn Flores, moved to replace her with Trustee Ray Zulueta.

Mendez and Rico accused Flores of inappropriate and disrespectful behavior during her six-month tenure, stating that she has not worked to bring the board together.

However, their motion to remove Flores was met with opposition from fellow trustees and meeting attendees. SUSD parent Karesha Boyd commented on the issue, urging the board to focus on the district's problems.

Out of 60 public comments submitted at the meeting, only a few concerned Flores' fate. The motion to remove her ultimately failed with a 4-2-1 vote. Flores, who was elected president in December, has been a dissenting voice in the passing of controversial legislation in recent years. She now forms part of a group with trustees Kennetha Stevens, Sofia Colón, and Donald Donaire.

After the meeting, Colón mentioned that the vote should never have taken place, as Mendez and Rico did not follow proper protocol for addressing conflicts with fellow trustees. Flores described the attempt to oust her as part of a campaign against her.

The SUSD Board of Trustees will reconvene at 7 a.m. Thursday to address the remaining items on Tuesday's agenda.

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