Stockton School Board President's Home Searched Amidst District Investigation

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STOCKTON, CA — The home of Stockton Unified School District's board president, AngelAnn Flores, became the focus of a San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office search this week. Flores, in an interview with The Stockton Record's Aaron Leathley and Hannah Workman, maintained her stance of transparency following the unexpected search.

The early morning operation was part of two district-related searches conducted on Tuesday. The second targeted the Stockton Unified’s headquarters on South Lincoln Street. However, details regarding the reason for these searches remain sparse, with investigators largely silent about the specifics of the complaints or what prompted the action.

“I don’t have anything to hide,” Flores said, asserting her willingness to cooperate with the ongoing investigations.

The investigation that sparked these searches reportedly stems from a state Fiscal Crisis Management Team’s report. This report highlighted alleged improprieties surrounding a $7.3 million school district air filter contract with IAQ Distribution. Yet, sheriff's officials have clarified that this federal investigation isn't linked to Tuesday's search.

Flores detailed her experience of the search, which started at about 8 a.m. as she prepared to leave her home. She described how seven to ten deputies arrived, seeking to talk about allegations concerning activities at the district. Flores cooperated after verifying the search warrant presented to her.

Later, around 8:30 a.m., deputies escorted Flores to the sheriff’s office for questioning. She reiterated her stance of having nothing to hide during the interview, which lasted a few hours. The sheriff’s office has not disclosed any specific items seized during the search, and the warrant remains sealed by a judge.

The sheriff’s office emphasized that the ongoing sweeps are part of an independent fact-finding investigation. They are yet to determine if any crime has been committed and are acting on the principle of investigating allegations thoroughly.

No criminal charges have been filed against Flores as of Thursday, as per online court records. Flores, who has no political aspirations beyond her current role, expressed her commitment to transparency and effective leadership in her position as trustee.

This article is based on the reporting of Aaron Leathley and Hannah Workman from The Stockton Record, focusing on the recent search of Stockton School Board President AngelAnn Flores's home.

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