Stockton Police Sergeant Shooting: 20-Year-Old Suspect Faces Multiple Charges

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Sunthawon "Benny" Savon, 20, appeared before Judge Ronald Northup in downtown Stockton this past Friday, facing a slew of charges related to the recent shooting of a Stockton police sergeant. Among the eight charges filed against him include attempted first-degree murder and carjacking.

Judge Northup, reviewing the charges, noted, "He’s looking at more than 25-to-life.” Savon, dressed in a bright red jail-issued jumpsuit, was closely watched by the regular courtroom security and an additional three sheriff's deputies.

According to the formal complaint, the charges against Savon consist of three counts of assault against a police officer with a firearm, alongside the aforementioned attempted murder and carjacking. Savon is also charged with illegally carrying a firearm and ammunition, as well as shooting into a vehicle. As of now, no evidence against the suspect has been presented in court. A public defender will be appointed next week for Savon's representation.

Given Savon's young age, questions arose regarding potential leniency in prosecution. However, Lee Neves, a spokesperson for District Attorney Ron Freitas, made the DA's stance clear: “You bet we’re going to go for life, 100%."

Further insight into Savon's past was revealed through court documents. Previous investigations by the Stockton police in 2022 led to the discovery of illegal firearms in his residence. Gang detectives are confident about Savon's gang affiliations, though his specific role within the gang remains unclear. At the time of the alleged shooting, Savon was on probation for owning an assault weapon.

The events leading to the charges began early Wednesday morning when a 69-year-old man reported being carjacked for his Lexus sedan. The sergeant, who remains unnamed, located the vehicle soon after, leading to a pursuit that culminated in gunfire from an AK-47-style rifle. Following this incident, an extensive SWAT lockdown was initiated, resulting in Savon's arrest approximately seven hours later.

Adding a twist to the case, a 43-year-old man matching the suspect's description was detained but seems to have been released later. As it stands, no evidence connecting him to the shooting has been disclosed, leaving Savon as the sole individual in custody related to the incident.

Regarding the case's progress, police spokesman Omer Edhah remarked, "We’re still investigating actively to see how many people were in the car."

Further developments in the case are awaited as investigations continue.

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