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Stockton Food Truck Owner Fulfills Dream Of Opening Brick-And-Mortar Restaurant

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Johnny Khammanah, the entrepreneur behind the popular "Johnny Wokker" food truck, is transforming his long-time dream into reality by opening a brick-and-mortar restaurant just two miles east of his well-known mobile eatery. 

Khammanah has been hard at work for several months, painting, constructing, and redoing the floors of the new restaurant. Adding a personal touch, he has commissioned a friend to create a mural to enhance the restaurant's ambiance.

Khammanah, a cook since age 11, has developed over 20 dishes, including favorites like crab fried rice and drunken noodles. The community's enthusiasm has customers traveling from as far as the Bay Area to indulge in his culinary creations. Khammanah anticipates opening his restaurant in the Calaveras Shopping Center on March Lane in Stockton.

While Khammanah's journey to establish the restaurant began three and a half years ago, his dream of owning a brick-and-mortar eatery dates back 15 years. Despite facing numerous challenges, including the tragic loss of a close friend and food truck employee in a triple shooting, Khammanah remains resolute in making his dream a reality. Bolstered by the community's encouragement, he looks forward to announcing the grand opening soon.

In the meantime, Khammanah and his team will persist in their efforts to bring their vision to life. Opening a restaurant is no small task, but Khammanah is committed to giving his all at every stage of the process. His inspiring journey serves as a testament to the power of pursuing one's passions and working tirelessly to make dreams come true.

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