Stockton Emergency Food Bank Hosts Massive Thanksgiving Food Giveaway

Yellow Line

STOCKTON, Calif. — In a heartwarming display of community support, hundreds of families in Stockton received Thanksgiving food boxes on Tuesday, thanks to the Stockton Emergency Food Bank's annual turkey and trimmings giveaway. This event, a nearly 40-year tradition, has grown in size and necessity, especially since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The giveaway, which previously took place at the food bank itself, has been hosted at the San Joaquin Fairgrounds since the pandemic began. “During COVID, we came over here, and we saw the need just grow from there,” said Alesha Pichler, community relations manager for the Stockton Emergency Food Bank. Each year, the number of families requiring assistance has increased, highlighting the importance of such community initiatives.

The demand for meal boxes was evident as people began lining up in their cars shortly after midnight, with KCRA 3 reporting a line stretching over a mile along Airport Way. To receive a box, recipients needed to show proof of residency in San Joaquin County or an identification card from the Stockton Emergency Food Bank.

Nearly 100 volunteers, including students from the University of the Pacific, families, and local companies, came out to assist with the distribution. Pichler expressed her gratitude for the community's involvement: “That is what I think community is. Everybody coming together to help those who need the help.”

This annual giveaway not only provides essential food items for Thanksgiving but also serves as a testament to the strength and unity of the Stockton community in supporting its members in need.

Based on a report on the Stockton Emergency Food Bank's Thanksgiving food box giveaway, showcasing the community's spirit and generosity.

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