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Stockton Emergency Food Bank Faces Critical Shortage Amid Rising Demand

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The Stockton Emergency Food Bank is sounding the alarm over what it describes as an unsustainable trend in its operations: increasing demand for food assistance coupled with dwindling donations. In a press release issued Tuesday, the food bank highlighted the critical challenges it faces as it struggles to meet the needs of the community.

Dr. Leonard Hansen, CEO of the Emergency Food Bank, expressed deep concern over the current situation. “The current trend of increased demand paired with decreased donations is unsustainable. Without immediate action from our community, we risk failing those who rely on us,” he stated. The food bank, which had set a goal to serve approximately 300,000 families in 2024, now finds this target increasingly difficult to achieve due to the shortage of supplies.

The growing crisis comes at a time when more families than ever are turning to the food bank for support. This increased reliance has put significant strain on the food bank’s resources, making it challenging to maintain adequate supply levels. Despite the longstanding generosity of the community, the food bank emphasized the need for continued and enhanced support.

“While the generosity of our community has been unwavering in the past, the current circumstances demand heightened awareness and support,” the food bank noted in its release. It is calling on community members to contribute, stating that every donation, whether monetary or in the form of non-perishable food items, makes a tangible difference in the lives of those struggling to put food on the table.

As the situation develops, the Stockton Emergency Food Bank is urging both individuals and businesses to step up their support

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