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Safety Concerns Prompt Student Transfers From Stagg High School

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STOCKTON – Stagg High School in Stockton is facing a troubling trend of student transfers amid growing safety concerns, according to reports from district insiders. The Stockton Unified School District (SUSD) has seen a notable decrease in enrollment numbers, with dozens of students transferring out of the school since January, despite official statements claiming these figures are typical.

Recent incidents at Stagg High School have raised alarms among parents and students. The school was thrust into the spotlight after a tragic event in 2022 where 15-year-old Alycia Reynaga was fatally stabbed in what appeared to be a random attack on campus. This incident was followed by another security breach months later when an unauthorized man entered the campus during school hours. In March of this year, a fight led to two students running into a nearby river, resulting in the death of one student after a multi-day search.

These events have coincided with an increase in transfer requests. Originally, the incoming 9th-grade class numbered around 700 students, but has since decreased to nearly 600. According to SUSD, the 127 transfers from 9th to 12th grade since the start of the year include moves to specialty schools and other schools previously at capacity, as well as some early graduations.

Despite these concerns, some parents believe the issue of safety extends beyond physical security measures. Vanessa Robinson, a parent in Stockton, voiced concerns about the school's perimeter security, noting, "I see that the gates are often open. There's homeless in the area. The kids are coming and going. There's hardly ever a time the gates are closed." Another parent, Anthony Santa Cruz, emphasized the importance of the social environment, stating that safety largely depends on "who you're hanging out with."

In response to the rising safety worries, SUSD has outlined a series of safety improvements on the Stagg High School campus, which include perimeter fencing, the implementation of the Hall Pass Visitor Management system, enhanced camera surveillance, CatapultK12 emergency communications, and inMapz emergency routing.

As Stagg High School grapples with these safety challenges, the district continues to implement "layered measures aimed at safeguarding the well-being of all individuals within its campuses," striving to restore confidence among students and parents alike. The situation remains a focal point of concern for the Stockton community, prompting ongoing discussions about the most effective strategies to ensure student safety and well-being in the educational environment.

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