Marvel Night With The Stockton Ports

Yellow Line

The Stockton Ports are currently on their 75th season as a minor league baseball team in the California league and about half way through their season this summer!

Last Saturday, the Stockton Ports played against the San Jose Giants coming close to finalizing a week long series playing against the team. 

Pictured: Outfielder, Ryan Lasko and San Jose Giants players, in between plays 


The game started with a cheering Stocktonian crowd, rooting for their favorite team players alongside an abundance of food and beverage options. Marvel characters were at the forefront, as each team member choice their favorite Marvel character to be displayed as their image icon on the stats screen.

Pictured: Nate Nankil awaiting the ball 

Stockton Ports player batting

Although the Stockton Ports played a great game, they did not keep the win on Saturday. The San Jose Giants took home the win as the night ended with them amassing the most points. 

Pictured: Fireworks in full display

Fireworks at Stockton Ports Game in Stockton. california

The game finalized with a dancing, laughing, and singing crowd chanting as they waited for the fireworks. This week the Stockton Ports will be playing against Lake Elsinore. Join on 6/15 for Playball Week, as they'll be hosting a free clinic. 


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