Lodi Comic Con Spring Invites Families For A Day Of Fun And Nostalgia

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LODI, CA — Comic book enthusiasts and pop culture fans rejoice as the Lodi Comic Con Spring event is set to return to the Lodi Grape Festival Grounds this Saturday, May 11th. Scheduled for a single day of excitement, this event promises a family-friendly atmosphere brimming with activities for all ages.

Spanning over 40,000 square feet, the convention will feature 200 booths showcasing a vast array of artists, exhibitors, and iconic pop culture characters. Whether you’re revisiting beloved classics or exploring current favorites, Lodi Comic Con offers something for every fan.

The event not only serves as a hub for entertainment but also as a community contributor. A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Child Abuse Prevention Council of San Joaquin County and the Lodi Boys and Girls Club, making every ticket a step towards supporting vital local causes.

Details about ticket availability are yet to be announced, but interested attendees are encouraged to keep an eye on the event’s Facebook page for updates and announcements, including an exciting lineup of panel guests.

Gather your family and prepare to create unforgettable memories while enjoying a dive into the vibrant world of comics and pop culture at Lodi Comic Con this spring.

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