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District Attorney Ron Freitas Alleges Fraud In Predecessor's Administration

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STOCKTON, CA — San Joaquin County District Attorney Ron Freitas has ignited controversy by accusing the previous administration of fraud related to an auto insurance fraud grant program. The allegations, which date back to activities from 2017, surfaced during an audit of the 2024 Auto Insurance Fraud Grant Application conducted by Freitas' office.

According to statements released on social media and the county's website, the current administration discovered falsified timesheet information by an investigator. This investigator, now on leave, allegedly acted under the direction of the previous administration's leaders. Freitas has brought these findings to the attention of the California Department of Insurance and the state Attorney General’s Office.

The prior District Attorney, Tori Verber Salazar, vehemently denied these claims, suggesting that Freitas' accusations were acts of retaliation. "From 2015-2018, Mr. Freitas was the Assistant District Attorney who oversaw the Auto Fraud Division, he never raised any concerns," Verber Salazar stated in an email. She further announced plans to seek an investigation into the current administration by the state attorney general and the FBI, particularly concerning payments made to Freitas’ campaign manager.

Amid these allegations, an internal investigation is underway within the San Joaquin County District Attorney's Bureau of Investigations. Additionally, Freitas has requested the San Joaquin County Auditor's Office to conduct an independent audit and has informed the San Joaquin County Administrator and the County Board of Supervisors about the potential fraud.

This unfolding story raises significant questions about the integrity of public office and the implications of administrative transitions in high-stakes environments like the district attorney's office. As this political drama continues to unfold, the community watches closely, awaiting further developments and clarity on these serious allegations.

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