Swenson Park Golf Course to Introduce Mini Golf and Toptracer Driving Range

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Stockton residents will soon enjoy a new local option for mini golf and high-tech golf practice as Swenson Park Golf Course announces exciting new additions. The enhancements include a 16,000 square-foot miniature golf course and a state-of-the-art Toptracer Golf driving range, aiming to make the sport more accessible and enjoyable for the community.

The miniature golf course, unanimously approved by the San Joaquin County Board of Supervisors, will be strategically placed on the south side of the golf course's parking area, adjacent to Alexandria Place and near Lincoln High School. This new facility promises to provide an affordable and convenient venue for family fun and entertainment in north Stockton.

Adding to the allure, Swenson Park will also introduce a driving range featuring Toptracer technology. This system, known for its use at modern driving ranges like Top Golf, offers enhanced practice sessions with detailed analytics on each shot. The planned facility at Swenson will include 12 covered hitting bays, designed to cater to a variety of events, from party rentals to family gatherings and youth clinics.

Joe Smith, general manager of Swenson Park Golf Course, highlighted the project’s focus on affordability. "Golf can tend to be a little bit on the expensive side, unless you're controlling the costs well," Smith explained. He aims to keep miniature golf costs low, making it an attractive option for families seeking inexpensive leisure activities.

The project represents a significant investment into the community's recreational infrastructure, with the county allocating $393,688 plus a 10% contingency. This initiative is part of a broader collaboration between the city, the county, and Kemper Golf, with further funding considerations set to be discussed by the city of Stockton this summer.

With approval, groundbreaking could occur this fall with an expected completion in November. District 1 Supervisor Paul Canepa, a key advocate for the project, emphasized the importance of outdoor activities for children, stating, "It's important to get kids outside, and this partnership is huge. It’s a win-win for everybody."

District 3 Supervisor Tom Patti also praised the collaborative effort, reflecting on the broader benefits of the development. "We can never say it enough, the benefits of bringing this in," Patti remarked.

Swenson Park Golf Course has been a staple in the Stockton community since 1952, offering various golfing activities, including junior leagues and event hosting. This development marks a significant step towards revitalizing local golf facilities and providing more inclusive, fun, and affordable options for the Stockton community.

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