Sutter Health Expands Cancer Treatment Services In The Central Valley

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In a significant development for healthcare in the Central Valley, Sutter Health has announced the acquisition of radiation oncology centers in Modesto and Stockton, marking a major expansion of its cancer treatment services in the region and beyond. The GenesisCare treatment centers located at 1316 Nelson Ave. in Modesto and 4722 Quail Lakes Drive in Stockton are now under the Sutter Health umbrella, with the transactions concluding last Friday.

The move is part of Sutter Health's broader strategy to enhance its cancer care capabilities, with additional acquisitions in Santa Cruz, San Luis Obispo, and Templeton. This expansion is not just about growing Sutter's footprint; it's a focused effort to bring advanced cancer treatment options closer to home for patients in the Northern San Joaquin Valley and surrounding areas.

Sutter Health, a Sacramento-based nonprofit health system, is committed to making significant capital investments in these facilities. Patients can expect to see new radiation oncology equipment, cutting-edge technology, and enhanced patient care support. Furthermore, the integration of most of the GenesisCare staff into the Sutter Health system is expected to ensure a seamless transition and continuity of care for current patients.

Todd Smith, Sutter Health's Chief Physician Executive, highlighted the driving forces behind this expansion: a growing aging population and the consequent increase in cancer diagnoses. "These trends drive the need to expand clinical cancer expertise to support these communities," Smith stated, underscoring the imperative for accessible, high-quality cancer care services.

Sutter Health's acquisition of the GenesisCare centers will enable the incorporation of Sutter’s clinical best practices and additional cancer resources and technologies into the existing facilities. This effort is part of a larger mission to lower cancer mortality rates, which have remained high in areas like Stanislaus County despite a statewide decrease. The county's cancer mortality rate stands at 157.1 deaths per 100,000 residents, significantly above California's average.

The elevated cancer mortality in Stanislaus County, contributing to a reduced life expectancy compared to the statewide average, underscores the urgent need for enhanced cancer treatment and early screening services. Factors such as air pollution, high tobacco usage, and a reduction in early screenings during the COVID-19 pandemic have been identified as contributing to the county's health challenges.

With nearly 3.5 million patients served across California, Sutter Health's latest move is a clear signal of its dedication to advancing cancer care and addressing the healthcare needs of its communities. This expansion is poised to make a significant impact on the availability and quality of cancer treatment services in the Central Valley, offering new hope and support to patients and their families facing cancer diagnoses.

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