Stockton Regional Rehabilitation Hospital under a clear blue sky. The modern building is marked with the hospital's logo and name prominently displayed, reflecting its role as a key healthcare provider in the region. The hospital's clean and contemporary architecture suggests a welcoming environment for patients and visitors alike.

Stockton Regional Rehabilitation Hospital under a clear blue sky.

Stockton Regional Rehabilitation Hospital Celebrates One Year Of Community Service And Healing

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Stockton, CA – Stockton Regional Rehabilitation Hospital proudly marks its first anniversary with a community celebration this week, reflecting on a year of significant contributions to patient recovery and healthcare in the San Joaquin Valley.

Since its inception, the hospital has specialized in providing comprehensive rehabilitation services to those recovering from serious injuries or illnesses, such as strokes, traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, and amputations. The 50-bed facility offers a range of treatments including physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech language pathology, and 24-hour nursing care.


Richard Trogman, the Chief Executive Officer of the hospital, emphasized the institution's dedication to the community. "It's our honor and privilege to serve the San Joaquin Valley," said Trogman. "Our goal is not just to provide care, but to integrate with and support the entire healthcare network from acute care hospitals to home health agencies, ensuring comprehensive care."


Megan Nebozuk, the Chief Nursing Officer, highlighted the hospital’s commitment to successful patient outcomes. "We're proud that the majority of our patients can walk out of here, not just recovered, but ready to reintegrate into their communities," Nebozuk explained. "Our goal is to set our patients up to go home without the need for readmission."

As part of its commitment to the community and future healthcare professionals, the hospital is also launching initiatives to provide training programs for student nurses and therapists. This move is aimed at enriching the local healthcare workforce and enhancing the quality of care available in the area.


The event also included acknowledgments from the local government and healthcare community. A representative from the office of California Assemblyman lauded the hospital's high standards, stating, "You have certainly set the bar for what every rehabilitation facility should be." Meanwhile, Michelle from the Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce presented a certificate of recognition, emphasizing the hospital's "unwavering commitment" to patient care.


Further commendations came from Congressman Josh Harder, who recognized the hospital's commitment to exceptional rehabilitation care and services in a certificate of congressional recognition.

Stockton Regional Rehabilitation Hospital invites the entire community to join in the anniversary celebrations, which will include tours of the facility, meet-and-greet sessions with healthcare staff, and presentations on the impact of rehabilitation services.


With its first year behind it, Stockton Regional looks forward to many more years of service, health, and wellness in the community.

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