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Stockton Launches New Workboat To Clean Up Downtown Waterways

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The City of Stockton is set to enhance the cleanliness and ecological health of its downtown waterways with the launch of a new skimmer workboat, designed to tackle the persistent problem of debris and invasive vegetation in McLeod Lake and surrounding channels. The dedication ceremony for the new workboat is scheduled for Wednesday, April 24, 2024, at 3:30 p.m. at the Stockton Downtown Marina, located behind the Waterfront Warehouse at 445 W. Weber Avenue.

Mayor Kevin Lincoln emphasized the importance of the initiative during the announcement, stating, “McLeod Lake is in the heart of our city, just across the street from City Hall. The new workboat will help us continue our mission to keep our downtown waterfront clean and be good stewards of the environment.” This new vessel, staffed by two City of Stockton Municipal Utilities Department (MUD) employees, will be a key asset in removing trash and floating aquatic weeds from local waterways on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

The workboat, a stable catamaran design, allows for efficient collection of floating debris, replacing the older pontoon boat used for maintenance tasks at critical city facilities like the Delta Water Supply Project Intake Pump Station and the Regional Wastewater Control Facility. Dr. Mel Lytle, Director of Municipal Utilities, highlighted the broader implications of the initiative, “Over the past several years, McLeod Lake has diminished in popularity, particularly during the summer months, due to invasive water hyacinth, trash, and harmful algal blooms. The McLeod Lake Cleanup Program advances the City's commitment to protecting our natural resources and inspires a sense of community responsibility for the environment.”

In addition to cleaning up waterways, the program aims to offer educational opportunities related to water conservation and pollution prevention for local schools and community members. This initiative is part of Stockton’s broader Clean City Initiative, which includes civic beautification projects and Drive Thru Recycling events that have significantly contributed to maintaining the city’s cleanliness by removing over 3,700 tons of debris, 1,232 illegally dumped mattresses, and erasing 652,500 square feet of graffiti last year alone.

The community is invited to attend the dedication ceremony to witness the unveiling of this crucial environmental stewardship tool, which underscores Stockton's ongoing efforts to enhance the quality of life for its residents and safeguard its natural landscapes. For more information about the program and the upcoming event, residents can contact the Municipal Utilities Department at (209) 937-5056.

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