Niagara Bottling Opens In Stockton With A Generous Community Gift

Yellow Line

STOCKTON, CA — In a heartwarming introduction to the Stockton community, Niagara Bottling, in partnership with Feed the Children, hosted a significant holiday gift and food distribution event this morning. The initiative aimed to support low-income families during the festive season, as detailed in a report by an unnamed writer.

The event saw hundreds of residents, including many from the Stockton Unified School District, drive up to receive the donations. Mayor Kevin Lincoln, present at the distribution, highlighted the impact of such initiatives, stating, “When people drive through these lines, they receive hope.”

For many families in Stockton, especially those struggling financially, the holiday season presents a challenging dilemma of choosing between food and gifts for their children. Chet Jones, Director of Corporate Partnership for Feed the Children, expressed this concern, underscoring the importance of the event in alleviating these tough choices for families.

The generosity of Niagara Bottling and Feed the Children brought tangible relief, with roughly $350,000 worth of items distributed. Families received 25 pounds of food, 10 pounds of essentials, Disney books, and Christmas toys.

SUSD Superintendent Michelle Rodriguez emphasized the significance of this support for the district's families, many of whom live below the poverty line. “75 percent of our families live below the poverty line, so, our families are here in this line, so we wanted to be here, too,” Rodriguez said.

This event's success was evident in the gratitude of recipients like Angela Serrano, who appreciated every bit of help during these hard times. The distribution effort is estimated to have benefitted more than three thousand people, showcasing the profound need in the community and the impact of corporate and non-profit partnerships in addressing it.

Niagara Bottling's opening in Stockton goes beyond business expansion; it's a commitment to the community's well-being, setting a precedent for corporate responsibility and community engagement.

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