Picture Harding as she watches the players during a game

Pictured: Harding watching the players as they continued their game 

Lindsey Harding Leads the Stockton Kings into Playoffs

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“Holding true to who you are is important, because if you do that, I think you’ll be successful in anything you do”, stated Lindsey Harding as she celebrated another successful night for the Stockton Kings.

A Duke University graduate, former WNBA Player, and Sacramento Kings Assistant Coach/Head Coach of the Stockton Kings – Lindsey Harding led the Stockton Kings to a successful season. We had the opportunity to interview Lindsey following a local Stockton Kings game at the Adventist Health Arena.

Following the game on March 23, 2024, Lindsey Harding described her enthusiasm and devotion to the team this season. “We started and it was little bumpy, but our team came together. We’re a part of a group that really wants to win”, she emphasized as she discussed how hard the team had worked the entire season to make it to playoffs.

She emphasized every season for the Kings has been different, which is why it was detrimental to lay a strong foundation when coaching the team. Harding offered viewers and readers words of inspiration, as she encouraged younger audiences and audiences alike, to stay true to oneself in the pursuit of endeavors. Also discussing how the Stockton Kings continue to want to improve, she stated “Stay locked in, and focused in trying to get better and better…finding a way helps you improve.”.

The Stockton Kings are now in the playoffs, with their standing record currently at 24-10. The playoffs will last about six weeks and their standing during each game will determine if the Stockton Kings make it to the final. Regardless of the outcome, Coach Harding and the team have succeeded in providing inspiration to Stocktonians and future generations by their determination to excel in the face of adversity, as well as their hunger to succeed.

Stay tuned for updates on the Playoffs, as the season unravels! To watch the full interview visit our social channels.

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